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Pharmaceutical vibrating sieves

Vibrowest is continuously developing its range of sieving and filtration equipment to meet the most demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
All of our pharmaceutical sieves are manufactured using 316L grade stainless steel and all parts in contact with the product have a certified Ra 0,1 polished mirror finish.
This, combined with easily dismantled parts, ensures that all equipment can be cleaned easily and hygienically.
Excipients such as lactose, starch and microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) are regularly used in oral solid dosage formulations such as tablets, capsules or sachets.
The use of our pharmaceutical vibranting sieves guarantees the quality of the product and removes any large contaminants or unwanted natural particles.

Advantages of our pharmaceutical sieves:

  • Easy cleaning and reclamation of components
  • Low noise
  • Reduced maintenance times
  • Available IQ, OQ and PQ documentations
  • ATEX certification
  • Total dust containment during screening
  • CIP cleaning system with ball valves available when handling highly powerful APIs (HPAPI)

Our range of pharamaceutical sifters can also be used for the filtration of liquid pharmaceutical products to remove undissolved particles.

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