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Plastic materials Industry

Extremely efficient vibrating screeners and plastic pellet classifiers/separators suitable for plastics screening and the demands of the plastic pellets processing plants. By applying higher forces to the screening area, we are able to increase capacities in the separation of plastic materials with the same screen diameter of these vibratory classifiers. Our range of vibrating screeners and vibratory classifiers are ideal for applications such as separating and classifying plastics pellets, dewatering plastics pellets and check screening plastic pellets powders. The design of our vibratory separators allows the screening process of a good number of plastics materials, below a list of some of the most common plastic materials we are able to screen and classify:

  • Parkesine
  • Bakelite
  • Polystyrene
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Nylon
  • Synthetic rubber plastics
  • Plastic pellets
  • Celluloid
  • Polystyrene (Styrofoam)
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)
  • Polyvinylidine Chloride (Saran)
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyethylene, LDPE and HDPE

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