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Metal processing Industry

The round screeners and rectangular separators provide accurate grading of metal powders
as well as effective screening to make sure no oversize particles pass with the good product.
These processes are made possible with durable and reliable high mass machine casting
allowing more force to be applied directly to the screen area to improve the quality
of a wide range of metal powders. Utilizing higher forces and superior designs our round
separators and rectangular screeners are built to increase capacity and reduce downtime
in metal powders manufacturing plants. We are also constantly innovating our sieving machines
to make metal powder production more efficient and cost effective.
Below are listed some of the metal powders we have expertise screening and separating:

  • Iron powder
  • Aluminum powder
  • Steel powder
  • Nickel powder
  • Titanium Alloy powder
  • Brass powder
  • Shot peening powder
  • Copper powder
  • Bronze powder
  • Tungsten Carbide Powders
  • Ferrite Stainless Steel

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