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Deblinding systems

Screen Deblinding systems

Vibrowest offers a rubber ball and kleener deblinding system. This system is comprised of a working mesh ring on top, and a coarser mesh ring (support screen) or perforated plate positioned to the bottom. The balls or sliders are placed in-between the top meshring and bottom ring or plate. This sliders and balls, bounce off of the support screen and tap the top screen, dislodging particles or fibers that tend to blind the screen and reduce screening area.

Vibrowest elastomeric ball and kleener Anti-Blinding device utilizes the inertial vibration of the screen and the bouncing elastomeric balls or sliders to minimizes screen blinding.

By reducing the amount of near-size particles lodged in the openings of the wire mesh (blinding), the Vibrowest Anti-Blinding device improves dry sizing and liquid/solid separation, so the seive operates at maximum efficiency.

Vibrowest cleaning system can be provided with all grades of stainless steel, nylon and polyester meshes.

Kleener anti-blinding device

The Kleener anti-blinding device consists of a working mesh ring on top, and a perforated plate on the bottom with plastic rings placed in-between

The vibration of the screener allows plastic rings to move continuously across a perforated stainless steel plate, shearing fibers and scraping away gummy materials. 

Kleeners are effective at preventing fibrous, stringy and sticky materials from blinding the screen.

Elastomeric balls anti-blinding device

The elastomeric ball anti-blinding device consists of a working mesh ring on top, and a coarser mesh ring (support screen) on the bottom with captive elastomeric balls placed in-between.

When the sieve vibrates the elastomeric balls bounce against the upper "operating" screen and the lower support screen dislodging near-size particles lodged in the apertures of the upper screen.


Cleaning system "STARBRUSH" is a system made by a stainless steel triangle with 6 or more brushes which thanks to the vibration of the machine, rotate and keep the mesh clean and efficient.
It is particularly suitable for agglomerated  greasy powders.

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