Vibrowest Italiana, a leading manufacturer in the sieving industry and technology, is one of the biggest companies in terms of engineering and customization, always guaranteeing high quality and matching every customer’s requests, by providing all sorts of certifications and after-sales assistance, creating a personalized global service.

Vibrowest offers a range of products dedicated to the plastic industry, suitable for air pelletizing, strand pelletizing, o-ring water and under water pelletizing, in addition to the grinding, regeneration and recycling.

Some applications in the plastics industry are: Compound – Master Batch – Regeneration – Recycling Solid/Liquid Separation – Long Fiber.

Our Products for the plastic industry:
– Circular Vibrating Sieve MR;
– Rectangular Screener VR, VRU-RE, VRU, VRU HYBRID;
Elevator Spiral Track EVS.

In this article we will show you the Elevator Spiral Track EVS.


The spiral cooling system is ideal for humidity-sensitive materials, such as PA – PA6 – PA66 – PA12, as residual moisture could result from an o-ring or a water pellettizer.
The matching of this machine with a Circular Vibrating Sieve can guarantee a residual moisture of 0.01 %. The Vibrowest Vibrating Spiral Track is manufactured with a new double edging circular bottom system that guarantees durability even with the most abrasive materials, such as glass fiber.

The machine can be equipped with an air blowing system. If necessary, it is possible to add a cold or hot air flow which allows the insufflation on the whole air­drilled column at room temperature.

The advantages of this solution are:
• very small layout space;
• thermal treatments (heating or colling) while the product is on the conveyor;
• speed on the conveyor path can be optimized to guarantee the desired residence time by changing the oscillating mode of the machine;
• low maintenance;
• possibility of completely isolating the product from the surrounding environment (noise, pollution, energy recovery, etc.) with a dedicated containment structure.

The applications of Spiral Elevator are countless:
– cooling plastic granules;
– treating rubber;
– thermal treatment of food products.

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