Using the latest 3D CAD software, our engineers and technicians design all the machines in strict compliance with all plant and process requirements.


Using water jet cutting technology with a 2000×6000 mm worktop, the production department produces the components of our vibrating screens that will be welded and assembled on next stages.


Our production team carries out all processes of: bending, calendering, edging, welding, painting, glass bead blasting and the mirror polishing finishing at our factory site of 9,700 sqm located in Solaro (suburbs of Milan);


Our team assembles all our equipment following the highest quality standards and the requirements agreed with the customer during the design phase;

Testing and quality control

Our technicians carry out all the rigorous tests to verify the correct operation of the sieve and the compliance with all the standards defined and agreed upon;


Once all the tests have been completed, and only after verifying the perfect functioning of the vibrating screens, our team proceed with the packaging of the machine which is sent in total safety to customers all over the world.