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Vibrating Screens AF with exciters

Vibrating Screens AF with exciters is the ideal solution to obtain the maximum screening performance, even under extreme conditions, both in terms of process and product. Of heavy construction, it is designed to withstand instantaneous, very high, discontinuous and asymmetric loads. AF oscillators are used in a variety of applications such as: coal, iron ore, hard rock mining products, diamonds, quarry products, gold and other non-ferrous metals, etc.



Rectangular vibrating screens excited by oneor more unidirectional mechanical oscillators, with one or more selection frames, powered with an electric motor and driveshaft.

Features and plus

  • Selection of screening frames based on the customer’s requirements and the product features:polyurethane screen frames; screen frames with perforated plates, screen frames with harmonic steel wire mesh;
  • Special coating wear resistant for highly abrasive materials.

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