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Rectangular screener VR

The Rectangular vibrating screener VR and Vibrating channel is used for the separation, classifi‑cation and safety screening of liquid and powders. The dual function, namely the transport and screening, enables this machine to be used in various application (quarries, mines, raw materials, recycling etc.) Possibility to integrate up to 4-stage screening.



The rectangular screeners are equipped with two vibrating motors rotating in opposite directions. This dual motor configuration causes the screens frame to vibrate in a linear or straight-line motion perpendicular to the plane of the motors. Normally, the motors are positioned at an angle of 50 degrees respect to the screens surface. This result in excellent forward conveyance of oversize particles , even when the screens frame is in an uphill position. Depending upon the application, the screens frame can be position from 10 degrees up to 15 degrees of inclination. Maximum capacity is achieved in the uphill position, causing the formation of a pool at the feed end of the machine. The head or pressure from the pool increase fluid throughout. The rectangular screens conveys the oversize particles out of the pool area where they are then discharged.Their IP 55 protection ensures that the units can operate in wet conditions, such as in washing and dewatering applications. A very generous holding-down bolt design is incorporated. When two vibratory motors of the same frequency are fixed to a rigid common base, which is freely suspended, or supported and run in opposite directions to each other, they automatically synchronize to produce a straight line motion. When this motion is applied to a horizontal screens, the result is a horizontal action screens suitable for screening, conveying and dewatering of a large variety of products in limited headroom situations. The rectangular screens can be adapted by the factory to meet special requirements regarding plant layout and environmental constraints. Specify the particular requirements, or enquire about the range of features, accessories, painting systems and materials of construction currently available. The rectangular Vibrating Screens are frequently manufactured in various grades of stainless steel for the chemical industry and protected by special painting systems for severe conditions in the mining industry.

 Features and plus:

  • quick changing of screen frames;
  • screen mesh made of spring steel wire, perforated sheet metal, rubber or polyurethane;
  • optimized utilization of the screening area;
  • low noise level and stable design with low harmonic oscillation;
  • low maintenance costs;
  • easy and quick installation and replacement of spare parts;
  • customized to meet various requirements;
  • carpentry in stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316 and Carbon steel painted
  • available with ATEX certi­fication, FDA IQ-OQ, GMP procedures;
  • available Jacob fittings and fi­nishes for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

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