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Vibrating cooler VRU HYBRID

The need to cool down the material to reduce the issues due to the high temperature during the bagging process has led to an evolution of the VRU model that, in addition to the same advantages of separation and easy cleaning, is able through a fan to cool and/or condition the material. The noise level is very low, thanks to the shock absorbers ROSTA.

vibrowest video prodotto


It is possible to customize the product according to specific needs and specific layouts.

Screening and Conditioning:

Plastic granule Ø 3 mm x 3 mm.

N° 1 perforated plates Ø 6 mm in stainless steel aisi 304. 

N° 1 perforated plates Ø 2 mm in stainless steel aisi 304. 

Fast release handles for a quick change of the perforated plates changing the color. Parts in contact with the product  in stainless steel aisi 304. Sizing based on the flow. 

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