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Rectangular sieve VRU

The rectangular sieve VRU is able to separate long shape parts, oversized parts and dust from 3×3 pellets, it is equipped with quick releases handles to speed up the cleaning process, necessary during the color production changes. The noise level is very low, thanks to the shock absorbers ROSTA. lt is possible to personalize the product according to specific needs and specific layout.

vibrowest video prodotto


Screening: Plastic granukes Ø 3 mm x 3 mm

N° 1 perforated plates Ø 6 mm on stainless steel aisi 304

N° 1 perforated plates Ø 2 mm on stainless steel aisi 304

Fast relase handles for a quick change of the perforated plates changing the color. Parts in contact with the product in stainless steel aisi 304. Sizing based on the flow. 

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