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Rectangular screener VRU-RE

The rectangular screener VRU-RE is used to eliminate the dust from the pellets for high capacity. It is equipped with quick release handles to speed up the cleaning process. This machine is also used to separate different sizes of PET-HDPE-LDPE flakes, where the balls cleaning system (anti wear) is crucial, especially on bottle-to-bottle plant. The machine is customized to the needs of the customer, the versatility of Vibrowest’s technical office is essential to find a solution in synergy with the customers.

vibrowest video prodotto


Screening: Plastic granules long fiber.

N° 1 screen 9×9 mm inox 304

N° 1 screen 2×2 mm inox 304

“Wear-free” balls cleaning with the product in carbon steel painted. Optional: parts in contact  in stainless steel aisi 304. Sizing based on the flow. 



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