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Elevator spiral track EVS

The Elevator spiral track EVS is indispensable in the transport of all the materials that need to be elevated in height, cooled and/or heated.



The construction of the apparatus consists of a helical track with a constant pitch housed and fixed on a central pipe support usually built in AISI 304. The transport of materials trough an uphill motion produced by unbalanced motors which generate a boost oscillating amplitudes and frequencies subsidiaries.      òThe proper calibration of the motors and the robust construction of the machine makes that the material can be transported with a layer constant and that it can remain so throughout the path up to the discharge end. This peculiarity makes the transported material can maintain a uniform layer and homogeneously distributed over the entire width of the conveying path guaranteeing, if need be, also needs a proper cooling, heating or evaporation.

Features and plus:

  • Inserting in narrow spaces thanks to the plan section of contained dimensions.
  • Possibility of entering air blowers cooling or heating systems.
  • Feed and speed of the material to be transported configurable through rapid changes in frequency to ensure the smooth progress of the different materials.
  • Easy installation, low maintenance, quick cleaning and reduced downtime.

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