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Bag dumping station MSCR

Bag dumping station MSCR model is used for safety screening in order to avoid any contamination due to possible presence of foreign bodies into the raw material sacks/bags. Manual bag dumper station with built-in safety screening vibrating sieve and integrated dust extraction. Fume extraction hood, sacks support grid and mesh screen removable for an easy and fast cleaning.



The Bag dumping station MSCR provides a simple means of introducing sack products and check sieving them into a system. The sack tip and sieve are avaiable in different sizes for ease of cutting and handling of bags. The flip-top powered lid enables ease of opening of the sack tip for access to the screen and cleaning. The sieve unit below has a self-cleaning silicone diaphragm to give a dust-tight closure. The whole unit is ergonomically designed for satisfaction in operation. The outlet of the station may be connected to mechanical and pneumatic conveyor systems, or simply connected to a mixer inlet or other process equipment. Other features include no-tool quick change of screens and an easy-clean design with no crevices.

Features and plus:

  • easy to disassemble;
  • possibility to connect a dust extraction;
  • possibility to install a magnetic iron remover of 16.000 gauss;
  • removable grid;
  • available with ATEX certi­fication, FDA IQ-OQ, GMP procedures;
  • available Jacob fittings and fi­nishes for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

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