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Screen and Rescreening Service

High quality mesh screens for high quality sieves.
High quality mesh is one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a company to provide your vibratory sieving equipment and re-meshing services. If the mesh breaks, is low in tension or is damaged, re-meshing can often be a more economical alternative to replacing the entire mesh screen. A perfect stretching and orthogonality of screen mesh apertures are essential for a good output and performance of the machine. We fit and replace screens using special equipment to ensure technically perfect results.


our fast priority Re-meshing and Rescreening service is designed to reduce waiting times to an absolute minimum. In addition to reconditioning the rings supplied with our own machines, we are also able to recondition other types of square or rectangular grids or rings. We manufacture cloth-edged screens, round separator screens, and perforated plate to meet the requirements for all the applications. Our Re-meshing service use different attachment methods such as gluing, brazing and clamping, in accordance with FDA/BGVV requirements.

– Sizes range from 450 to 2.600 mm diameter screens (from 18″to 105″) round screens;
– custom-woven screen meshes;
– customized perforated plates;
– stainless steel mesh T-304 and T-316, spring steel, PA, PET, Polyurethane;
– FDA certifified glue for the pharmaceutical and food industry.

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