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Elastomeric balls anti-blinding device

A wide variety of mesh cleaning ball sizes and compounds for abrasive and high temperature applications.

A set of balls made of rubber, polyurethane or silicone is the most frequently used screen cleaner and is also very simple and effective. The balls are typically supported under the separator screen by a second coarser-mesh screen. The entire assembly is called a ball tray. Because the balls are heavier than sliders or slider clusters, the separator’s vibratory action must have a larger vertical motion to throw the balls up against the screen’s bottom surface. Along with the ball’s greater weight, this larger vertical motion imparts more energy to each ball impact on the screen than sliders or clusters do. As a result, balls are typically used for coarse-mesh screens that can withstand higher impact energy and aren’t recommended for fine-mesh screens, which can be damaged by the ball impacts. Like sliders, balls are noisy, but require almost no maintenance and can simply be replaced when worn.

Balls cleaning system are especially good for dislodging near-size particles with irregular or jagged shapes that become wedged in the mesh openings; these particles can trap sliders, preventing their movement across the screen. Balls are also well suited to cleaning shear-sensitive materials that tend to smear or agglomerate on the screen. However, balls aren’t recommended for cleaning fibrous materials because they don’t apply the shearing action required to dislodge fibers from the mesh openings. The balls’ disadvantage is that they spread to the screen’s periphery, generating excellent cleaning action at the screen’s edge but leaving the center uncleaned.

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